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Fascinated with the body's innate wisdom, and in my quest to heal from chronic illness, in 2004 I was drawn to study Heilkunst homeopathy, an extremely gentle and effective system of medicine. Homeopathic remedies and a plant-based mostly raw food diet helped me to overcome colon cancer, interstitial cystitis, chronic fatigue, EBV, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, joint pain, candida, anxiety, and depression. I am a former licensed optician with a background in holistic nutrition and philosophy, particularly the works of Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf system) and Wilhelm Reich. Thank you for being here, and I hope the following information, insights, and homeopathy can help your health as much as it has mine.

How I got started


As a young girl, I wanted to help everyone be well. My dream was to become a doctor. Years later, I became severely ill shortly after an emotional trauma in 1996. For the first time I realized there was a mind-body connection. Drugs and their side effects only made me sicker and did not cure. Fortunately, I was curious about homeopathy and began taking remedies from a homeopath who specialized in traumatic timeline treatment (a hallmark of Heilkunst). I made a sequential list of traumas I'd been through, starting with the most recent event, then going backwards in time. The homeopathic treatment process was gradual, like peeling away layers of an onion. Old chronic symptoms began to disappear and I felt peace of mind. After almost 7 years of study and clinical practicums for treating people and animals, I received my diploma in 2009 from the Hahnemann College For Homeopathy & Heilkunst in Ottawa, Canada.

My approach


Symptoms are a message from the body, a cry for help. But if they are masked with drugs, as unfortunately is common in Western society, the root cause is never treated - then a condition or disease usually escalates into something more serious and chronic. My approach is to prescribe remedies to bring effective, nontoxic relief to current symptoms, while at the same time address what triggered the initial onset of chronic illness which in most cases was shock/trauma (emotional - e.g., abuse, major loss, fear, anger; and/or physical - infection, surgery, accident, drugs, vaccine damage). Remedies target and erase the effects of trauma for deep healing to occur. I also include nutritional guidance and therapeutic counseling as part of a confidential consultation; appointments are virtual and no physical exam is necessary. I welcome people and animals of all ages. Any illness or symptom is treatable with Heilkunst.

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Key Notes



Hello. Each consultation includes a confidential discussion of your (or child's or pet's) acute and chronic symptoms, regimen (nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise), and family history, plus collecting information about your sequential traumatic timeline (a brief discussion of each traumatic event experienced in the past, beginning with the most recent trauma then working backwards in time).

People and animals of all ages, any type of illness, symptom, or health concern, are all welcome.

A physical examination is not necessary for homeopathic treatment. Each appointment is verbal and remedies are mailed. No advance preparation such as filling out forms is required. However, you may wish to keep a notebook handy to jot down key points. (Please scroll down to view consultation fees.)



Lauri is a godsend, she truly is. My son and I were misdiagnosed with chicken pox and then later found out we both caught the bacterial infection impetigo. I watched my son suffer for an entire week with elevated temperatures and constant vomiting and diarrhea. I tried everything in my power to heal him. Herbs and a mostly raw diet worked wonderfully for me but unfortunately they were not helping him get better quickly enough. Out of desperation, I reached out to Lauri for help. She wrote him a homeopathic script and within 48 hours, I had a new child. The spots on his body were clearing up, his appetite returned, and his mood improved greatly. Lauri is one of the most compassionate people I've ever spoken to. I highly recommend her services. -Brittany, USA

Background info: Toddler, age 2.5 years, was fearful, chronically and severely constipated (parents had resorted to giving him suppositories), and not speaking more than a few words since a conventional MMR vaccine. His grandmother wrote the following testimonial 2 weeks after his follow-up consultation after I had strengthened the potencies of his initial remedies:  Just wanted to let you know that my grandson has had 3 bowel movements on his own!!!! Since your remedies!!! Also, I have been taking him to the chiropractor every week for about 6 wks, so that seemed to have finally taken effect as well! I'm soooo excited for him!!! And he is really trying to talk more and more!! :) Your da bomb! I will sit down with my daughter this weekend and explain to her how to give him the timeline powders! -M.A., USA

Yes, he [husband] gets VERY irritable when he is in pain! I do too, so I can't talk! I gave him the remedies and let him sip them. He gave me a BIG HUG this morning and thanked me! :) Told me he felt a lot better! He doesn't understand HOW this homeopathic stuff works, but he is thankful lol. Sooooooo a big thank you to you as well! :) -May, Pennsylvania, USA

My tooth is doing GREAT!!! No more festering and I can touch my jaw and there is no tenderness anymore! I have been chewing hard stuff and it doesn't make it get inflamed. Yayyyy. -USA

A product I used for dying my beard caused a severe skin reaction for weeks - inflamed, itchy blisters oozed onto my pillow at night and the burning made it difficult to sleep. Lauri prepared something for my symptoms and within 2 days the pain stopped and my skin healed. I was very impressed with how quickly the remedies worked. -FG, Canada

While I slept, a spider must have bitten my left arm. The next morning my arm was swollen, red, hot, and painful. I could feel heat travelling up my arm and was very scared. About 10 minutes after I started taking the remedies from Lauri, I literally watched the swelling go down, and within 2 hours everything was back to normal. -RM, Edmonton


Loki was diagnosed with feline stomatitis shortly before he was a year old. There is neither a clear cause nor known cure for this affliction, which causes severe inflammation of the gums and mouth ulcers. Many vets recommend extracting all of the teeth, but from research I could tell that this doesn't always solve the problem. At the same time I learned that some people reported positive results with homeopathic treatment, and that is when I contacted Lauri. Over the past year we have worked through Loki's traumatic timeline. I was hopeful that we could manage his condition - I never actually thought it would completely go away - but that is what has happened! He is now pain-free, shows no signs of inflammation and is eating normally. He also stopped being fussy, no snatching food or hiding, and he will eat the same time as the other cats. And he is eating a lot! He's really visibly put on weight and he just looks so healthy! I think the remedy around fear really helped too. I am so grateful to Lauri for her patience, attention to detail and expertise. Thank you!!!
-Heather, France

Elvis, my Arabian black stallion, watched his horse buddy suffer injuries and pass away. Two months later the hair around his eyes was white, even his eyelashes looked like white mascara. Lauri treated Elvis for grief disease. His white hair gradually fell out and new black hair came in. Wish I'd taken before-and-after photos!
-Helen, Alberta

My Maltese had a chronic cough for about 1 year after a Bordetella vaccine. Lauri suggested we treat his traumatic timeline. Once the original shock of the vaccination was cleared, my little dog's spirits perked right up and he stopped coughing. Thank you so much.
-Lynn, Calgary

For many months my cat peed on my bedroom floor every morning. I tried getting up earlier to feed her, but that didn't work. Lauri asked if my kitty had been thru any traumas. I remembered she had started peeing on the floor after visitors had stayed at my home for a few weeks. After taking remedies for anger, kitty started using her litter box again. Amazing!
-Christelle, Ottawa

If you have a testimonial to share, please send an email to lauri@thegentlehomeopath.com

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is homeopathy? Homeo means "similar to" and pathy means "pathology". To explain what homeopathy is, the following is an excellent living example: If someone is suffering from a cold virus, the symptoms (pathology) are very similar to (homeo) what it feels like to chop an onion - runny nose, tears, sinus irritation - so a homeopath would prescribe a remedy called Allium cepa, which is actually made from the energy of an onion, to relieve any symptoms which are similar to the effects of chopping an onion. Allium cepa is also a brilliant remedy for treating hayfever! Do you see the connection? It's amazing how gentle and effective the remedies are. Nature has natural laws, and homeopathy is the Law of Similars, or Like Cures Like. What will cause symptoms in a healthy person (e.g. effects of peeling an onion) will bring relief to a person who is suffering those same symptoms. Homeopathic medicine is made from the vibrations of natural substances and there are no side effects.

  2. What is Heilkunst? Translated from German, Heilkunst means "the art of healing and making whole". It was a term used by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a medical doctor turned homeopath, who is the Father of Homeopathy. Heilkunst treats the whole person naturally, which includes healthy suggestions for diet and lifestyle, and homeopathy is the most comprehensive part of this holistic treatment. Heilkunst is essentially a medical art which does not harm and is safe for everyone of all ages, even babies, sensitive constitutions, and the elderly.

  3. Is this treatment for any disease? Yes, because homeopathy treats the underlying (root) causes of all types of symptoms. Most illnesses manifest after an upsetting traumatic event, or some other weakening of the life force and spirit, which eventually shows up in the body as chronic pathology and is labeled such as e.g., arthritis, cystitis, depression. Homeopathy addresses both the original trauma and the symptoms resulting from trauma. Thus it is like treating two sides of a coin, not just one side. Carefully selected remedies work concurrently to restore homeostasis.

  4. How do I take homeopathic remedies? Take a liquid remedy by dropping one drop from the dropper onto your tongue (not necessary to place it under the tongue) or drop a dose onto a spoon then lick the spoon. 1 drop = 1 dose. For remedies in dry form, open up the small paper packet and shake the tiny amount of sugar onto your tongue (or lick the sugar right off of the paper).

  5. What do you mean by a traumatic timeline? We all have a traumatic timeline to some degree. Basically it is a history of physical, mental, and emotional shocks and traumas that were experienced in the past. The list may include emotional upsets such as grief, abuse, fear, anger, rage, abandonment, and physical traumas such as accidents, surgery, vaccinations, infections, dental work, etc. Homeopathic formulas are prepared to match specific traumas in a person's or animal's timeline, starting with the most recent event, then working backwards in time. The life force requires 2-3 weeks to clear and detox each trauma. Similar traumas can be treated as a cluster, or theme. The process is similar to peeling away layers of an onion. Each event's negative effects are erased in sequence to relieve the body, mind, and spirit of old baggage.

  6. How do you treat people and animals without meeting them in person, or a physical examination? It is not necessary to meet an individual in person because the consultation is entirely verbal. (For animals, I talk to a person who lives with the animal and knows their personality and habits.) Here are a few common questions I ask during a consultation: When was the last time you felt well? Have you been diagnosed with a disease or medical condition? How do you feel mentally and emotionally? What causes your symptoms to flare? Are they chronic? Are you taking any medications or supplements? Also for animals: Has there been a change in your pet's behavior? Any peculiar habits? Was your pet vaccinated in the past or recently?

  7. How long will it take for me to feel better? Because you are unique, and it took time for your body to develop symptoms for different reasons, whether they started after a traumatic event, are due to a chronic miasm (inherited virus), or suddenly appeared, the remedies will require time to unravel the root causes of your illness. With that said, most people notice a feeling of well-being they haven't felt in years once they begin taking their prescribed remedies daily.

  8. What is a chronic miasm? Miasms are genetic viruses which we inherit at conception. Animals also inherit them. These miasms become the source of chronic disease. Like seeds planted in fertile soil, miasms can sprout symptoms at any time in life, especially after a shock, trauma, poor diet, infection, vaccine, and/or chronic stress adversely affecting the life force. But homeopathy can go deep to safely treat genetic predispositions. Once the remedies eliminate these inherited negative frequencies, the miasms lose their strength to present chronic symptoms and they become dormant once again.

  9. Does homeopathy interact with pharmaceutical medications or herbs? No, they do not interact. Homeopathic remedies are vibrational medicine, whereas other medications are in crude form, so they are on different levels and do not cross paths.

  10. What is a healing reaction? This is when your body decides to clear out whatever the remedies treated. For example, after taking remedies for a grief trauma, you may feel like crying and sobbing. Or a rash could appear as the body pushes disease away from organs and out to the surface. The timing of a healing reaction can be anywhere from a few days up to a few weeks after taking remedies and is usually short-lived and very individual. It's important to stay hydrated and get enough rest while your body is processing.

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